My name is Karen, and I am currently a 19-year-old student in college studying film and economics. Writing is one of my favorite hobbies, and this is a place to display the results of my work. You can take a look at my pieces here. I primarily write poetry, and am currently working a chapbook of maybe fifteen or so pieces (most of which can be found here, actually) entitled “a mixtape for the road.” I occasionally also dabble in short stories and nonfiction and am currently looking into learning writing screenplays, due to my interest in film.

Aside from being a writer, I am a digital photographer, graphic designer/illustrator, martial artist, multi-instrumentalist, and world traveller. My loves are, in no particular order, good food, watching movies, reading, good typography, oceans and deserts, airports, zoos, libraries, big cities, staying up late, travelling, riding my bike, landscape photography, people with a sense of humor, and taking walks in cold weather.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? A cease-and-desist order? Contact me here.

Have a nice day!

All writing and photography on this site are my own property.

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